Our services

Our services

Fully independent, we have a wide understanding of all the leading suppression and detection systems. That means we’ll always recommend the right systems for your needs.

Thanks to our in-house design service, we’ll then tailor your preferred solution so it fits your individual needs perfectly, meeting all relevant codes of practice and standards. There’s no need to worry about maintenance either – our team will make sure your system is always working perfectly.


Fire Suppression Solutions

Your server and communications rooms are packed with high-tech, expensive equipment and the valuable information and data your business needs to operate. It’s vital to protect these vulnerable areas from the risk of fire.


Fire and smoke early warning systems

Early warnings mean the difference between dealing with a fire, or dealing with a manageable fault. Our systems are much more sensitive than conventional smoke alarms, creating an early alert which buys enough time to investigate and take action. That means small problems shouldn’t escalate to a fire, air conditioning shut down, or a gas release.

Water Leak, Waterproof Tile Flooring

Water leak detection and alarms

A leak in your data room could be a disaster for your business. Finding the source of a leak before it has the chance to do any real damage can be complicated – that’s where our water detection service comes in.


Extract systems

Gas suppression systems all require dedicated extraction systems, to ventilate released gases from the protected space. We can supply, install and commission extraction systems, as well as helping our clients understand the ever-evolving British Safety Standards – just give us a call.

Industrial electric panel repair
Modern server room view

Room integrity testing

Gas suppression systems – where inert gases are used to prevent fires – require the rooms involved to be adequately sealed, so the gases can’t leak out before they have time to do their job. The Retrotec room integrity door fan pressure test is used to check rooms for ‘tightness’, as well as remedial sealing and retesting services.

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